We are a family company that distributes at very low prices all those items liquidated by large companies, this includes :

  • Products from seasons in liquidation.
  • Products returned by customers, either for superficial damage, scratches or defects.
  • Refurbished products that can no longer be sold as new, among others.

Boss Liquidations is characterized by working with transparency and for this reason our work team is in charge of reviewing all the merchandise received and thus being able to classify it in different ways, whether it is an apparently new product, an open box or a damaged product.

As they are products at very low prices compared to large companies, our clients can purchase them for personal use or they can buy them to resell and thus obtain a profit.

You can visit us at our local store, or you can see the variety of products through our website.


Retail products:
We receive, verify and classify each product that we are going to retail, whether it is an open box, apparently new and/or a damaged product. With this classification, our clients will have the confidence of knowing what type of product they are acquiring.

The products sold on pallets are unverified or unclassified products.
Are sold as received from vendors.
For this reason you can find them at an even lower price than the products because they are sold per unit..

As in retail sales, the products in this category are previously verified and classified by the Boss Liquidations work team, but on that occasion, customers can purchase said products through our website in the ” auctions”.
You will be surprised by the products you will find at incredible prices!

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